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Checkpoint: The Gaming Breather Continues


By this time last year, I was playing Dead Space 2. This year it’s been non-stop back log for the past six weeks and it looks like that will continue until Mass Effect 3 lands.

Anything of intrest, I’m postponing until a sale hits and that includes Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. In fact, I actually received a copy of Soul Calibur V for $39.99 that I’m going to return because I have no interest in playing that right now.

Things would be a lot different if I were getting a PlayStation Vita next week, but I’m not and I won’t be getting into why until next week where the hype (for some folks) will be palpable.

It’s been Skyrim and a bit of Battlefield 3 multiplayer itch scratching when I feel the need to get away from bandit infested caves and ruins.

I’ve also been in house selling mode which I hope will come to an end after our first open house session today. Selling a house requires patience and lots of cleaning. I have no problem with both of these things, but it’s the winter time and I haven’t had a true vacation in months. These weekends are precious.

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