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Is The iPad 3 Right For Me?


I initially believed the iPad was a creation device and it could be — for very short and simple messages. But I would rather use my Macbook Air to compose a Tweet for @GameDealsCanada and I have no problems with that.

I want an iPad 3 for media consumption and — believe it or not — the Macbook Air isn’t the ideal device for that. The iPad runs circles around the Macbook Air when it comes to battery life. It’s also much more¬†accommodating¬†than an Macbook Air with its extremely small footprint.

The iPad’s vertical screen space in portrait mode also makes it a superior reading experience than my Macbook Air. Especially for long form articles and magazines.

I also want it for the iOS gaming. I’ve only played one game on my Macbook Air — Frozen Synapse. And yet because of the battery life concerns, heat output and the whirring of fans, any heavy duty gaming was kept to a minimum.

Finally, the iPad makes it easier to share things with people. Sharing pictures with the family will be so much easier than with my Macbook Air. It can be as easy as handing over a photograph or as easy as blowing it up on the big screen via the Apple TV and Airplay.

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