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The Internet Needs More Pixels

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apple-logo.pngIt may be agonizing to watch the agonizing trickle of Retina-enabled iPad apps, but I think the real slow burner are websites. Apple already already updated their web assets for the new iPad, but what about the rest of the internet? Some sites are fine as they are, but many are woefully low resolution. The low resolution

So when will web masters go out of their way to use 3.2 Megapixel assets for their sites? Will they even bother? After all, it’s just version of the iPad which will truly benefit from these assets. 3 million of these Retina tablets may have been sold, but that’s a drop in the ocean by comparison.

Hopefully, the new iPad is just the beginning of high dpi devices. If the rumors are true, the new Macbooks will also feature Retina displays which will hopefully drive adoption of these dpi displays even higher.

High DPI screens aren’t a new thing — many laptops in the past have offered them as options — but the world needs Apple and its massive influence to initiate this shift from optional to standard.

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