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Checkpoint: April Fools 2012 Edition


Was Google always so prolific with their April Fools gags? There are over 10 from the search overlord already.

My favorite is easily the Google Maps 8-bit which you can actually try out here. For those who are wondering, they’re mimicking the Dragon Quest aesthetic. Don’t forget to go to StreetView for more old school nostalgia.

Topping this all off is the NES cartridge which I’m sure folks would love to own (if they actually made it a reality):

Another game related April Fools gem comes courtesy of Ubisoft: Assassin’s Creed is coming to Kinect!

I love how they portray it as a party game. It looks absurd, but if the Kinect was actually accurate enough, I wonder if this is something Microsoft would like to see on their platform. Also the poor PlayStation Move gets no love.

With Mass Effect 3 and a review underway, I’m in gaming limbo. Limited internet bandwidth stopped me from updating Battlefield 3 with the latest mega patch and discouraged me from downloading Beyond Good & Evil HD from Xbox Live!

With all the commotion of selling this house and planning to move into my new one, I’ve decided not to start any games with significant commitments — or at least one that doesn’t require an HDTV or PC to complete.

Only 33 days until I become a home owner.

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