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The New Tested Is Awesome

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Last month’s mind blowing news had folks worried that their favorite Whiskey Media sites were going to succumb to drastic changes that would spell doom for what we’ve all grown to love and support over the last few years.

So far nothing much has changed for GiantBomb, but Tested, on the other hand, have expanded their coverage from technology and gadgets to just about anything that nerds find cool. And nothing exemplifies their new direction better than their interview with the Paper Airplane Guy:

After watching that video, I was completely sold on the new Tested direction. I didn’t even care about the fact that Will and Norm weren’t prominently featured anymore. The duo was still delivering great content and most importantly they were delivering content they were interested in.

My favorite part of their “This Is Only a Test” podcast was always “Fake Outtakes” at the end because they indulged in other topics of passion outside of smartphones and graphic cards. I’m very pleased to see them do pretty much anything that tickles their fancy now.

I haven’t checked Tested for a few days now because I knew if I did, I’d have to owe the ISP even more money. There’s just so much more fascinating articles and — most importantly — videos to go through. The old Tested wasn’t able to sustain this kind of output while staying “on topic”.

They were a niche version of tech blogs like Engadget before, but now they’ve grown into a completely different beast.

If you wish to see more Tested videos, check out their site.

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