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Checkpoint: The Return Edition

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It’s not really the return, but let’s consider the next couple of days one long Sunday so I can post this up.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks sorting through personal issues, avoiding crisis after crisis by the skin of our teeth and calling all sorts of service personell for a range of issues. And then there were the numerous deliveries, trips to any store with the word “Home” in it to pick up essentials.

Moving into a brand new house is busy work! Who knew?! Especially when starting with practically nothing.

The past few weeks have brought to light a few items that would have been useful.


Having access to a smartphone during our time of need alleviated us from the stress of waiting at home for answers. We were able to carry on with our lives while lawyers sorted through the torrent of shittiness.

Now that I have my own place, my Nokia 2610 has used up more minutes than the past 5 years combined — probably even more than that. It works and the battery lasts forever and a day, but it lacks the access to e-mail and the web which I seemingly can’t afford to miss nowadays.

Cable Crimpers and Testers

I should have seen this coming. I need access to Ethernet testers, crimpers and punchers in order to properly outfit my home with the wired connections I want. CAT6 is already running to the designated spots, but they’re currently being used for telephone landlines.


I’m glad I took the three weeks off from this and work. I needed it. I don’t think I’ll be done with appointments or deliveries until July but still. Let’s get back to the important things like Ascension on iPad which I’ve been playing a ridiculous amount of courtesy of the game’s quick and easy access.

I’ve been playing a lot of the asynchronous multiplayer and at this time of writing I have yet to purchase any of the additional expansions. Am I being cheap? A bit. But I’ve also been busy, so let’s blame it on that for awhile.

Oh hey! Diablo III is out.

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