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Checkpoint: Still Playing Diablo III Edition


Yeap. I’m still playing Diablo III and I will be until Max Payne 3 (PC) arrives in June. I’ll continue to play that until I finish it or until I finally set up my “home theatre” area.

I’m nearly level 20 and the experience has been steadily improving. I still haven’t binged for more than an hour and a half but like many have though. For one reason or another, I’ve always found myself playing near sleepy time. Diablo III is good but it’s not worth skipping work for it — no game is.

I’ve anxiously looked forward to the release of a game. I would watch trailers, read over epic official threads on GAF and even write up my own hype post on this blog, but the thought of taking a day off work for a day of binging seems excessive for me. The game related event that I’ve contemplated taking time off for are for the E3 press conferences.

Being able to watch these events live and have time to properly digest all the new announcements in the comfort of my own home without interruption is really enticing. And every year that I’m interrupted by a meeting or an incident at work while listening to these pressers reminds me that I should book these days off.

Maybe next year.

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