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Checkpoint: Summer Gaming 2012 Edition


The slow season begins with dual wielding slow motion diving action. I’m replaying Max Payne 3 on “Old School” difficulty. But what’s after that? Without physically sifting through my back log, I’m just going to come up with a list of games I’d like to get through over the summer months.

  1. Nier (360)
  2. Darksiders (PC)
  3. Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3)

Three titles? That’s it. Well I do have more. In fact, I just purchased Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection for the PlayStation 3 and I have a copy of Assassin’s Creed: Revelations for the Xbox 360 sitting on the shelf. But I don’t want to play either of them at the moment because 1) MGS: HD Collection is 3 games in one and 2) it’s another Assassin’s Creed.

I don’t mind annual Call of Duty games because they’re short and somewhat sweet. Annual Assassin Creed games is asking a bit too much. I feel like I’m just finishing up one and then the next one drops out of Ubisoft’s factory. It’s too much.

Nier is the big unknown on the list. All I know is that Square Enix published it. Darksiders is just a neat game that I want to get into. It could end up being the second Zelda-esque game that I finish. (The first being Wind Waker). And finally there’s the sequel to Final Fantasy XIII which I hear is better than the original which I enjoyed for what it was.

These three should take me into September with plenty of time to spare. If not, there’s plenty more on that back log list.

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