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Checkpoint: Competitive Weekend 2012

I certainly didn’t plan to do a lot of stream/TV watching this weekend but it was tough not to.

It started with a bit of Evo 2012 on Friday night, then a lot of it on Saturday and then some more on Sunday. Watching the biggest fighting game tournament on the planet is very entertaining. I just wish they got their act together. Why have the ability to do instant replay when your commentators don’t even know what the current bracket standings are?

I’m not a big UFC fan but there are certain fights that I can’t not help but get sucked into. Saturday’s fight between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen was one of those fights. The outcome of it was quick but I’m glad I was able to catch it live. It’s funny how trash talking is all but forgotten after you get your ass handed to you.

And finally there was the gentlemen’s finals at Wimbledon where Roger Federer won his 17th major title. I was hoping Roger pulled an Andre Agassi and won a major title at 30 plus years old. He will also be the world’s top player once again on Monday. That’s not bad for someone who’s just about to turn 31 years of age.

It’s been a bit of Battlefield 3 mixed in with lots of Ascension. Lots and lots of Ascension because of its accessibility when I’m watching all that competitive fun. Over 500+ games and I’m still having fun which is a mark of GOTY calibre title.

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