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Checkpoint: End of Steam Summer Sale 2012 Edition

Welp. That was a relatively uneventful Steam Summer Sale. The last day was today and it looks like the event is going out with a whimper. We don’t even get the usual recap day but then again, everyday during the entire sale event, there was at least one or two repeat deals.

I started out by buying two titles and ended with another two more. In the end, my haul from this event is quite light. The total was $18.71 for these four items.

  1. Trine 2
  2. Dear Esther
  3. Alan Wake Collection
  4. Cave Story +

There were plenty of opportunities to acquire more games like BulletStorm or RAGE but they never jumped out at me. I feel like I can get those at any time for that price. I was hopeful for a return of SSFIV:AE or the appearance of a drastically reduced Rayman: Origins though. Needless to say my wishes did not come true.

Oh well, maybe during the Holiday 2012 sales event.

I started Nier. I’m enjoying it like I would a PlayStation 2 classic. I’m not sure if that should be a compliment or an criticism yet but I’ll let my opinion be known at the end of this journey.

I’m also finalizing a review of Dear Esther for Wednesday. Is it a game? I didn’t get into that. I reviewed my experience with it and that’s it.

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