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Checkpoint: Sunday Rain Edition


It’s pouring outside. Absolutely pouring. This means it’s a good opportunity to gripe out things.

The long weekend has been okay thus far. The Upper Room delivered three items to me on Saturday and all three items had some sort of fault. I expect this kind of nonsense from a place like The Brick. Hell, even Ikea’s products don’t have irremovable streaks, paint specks or chips in their glass. I wait over a month to receive less than immaculate merchandise? So very¬†disappointed.

Equally awful is the lack of air conditioning in a stretch hummer limo. It’s over 30 degrees centigrade and the air conditioning doesn’t work? It nearly ruined a night of celebration.

The post-service customer support from my home builder has been garbage to say the least. The lack of timely responses to e-mail inquiries is appalling. If things take any longer I may have to involve Tarion. I’m going to take this upcoming week of vacation to do some more followups.

Continuing the trend of post-service support. Why tell me — via a written note no less — that you’re going to give me a referral cheque and not do good by it? I shouldn’t have to follow up on this.

Oh look, it stopped raining.

I’m going to try to finish Nier this week. That is if I can stop playing Battlefield 3.

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