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Checkpoint: End of Summer 2012 Vacation Edition


I chose a pretty good week to not be at work. It freed up a lot of time to witness some amazing feats live but also to sit around and wait for phone calls.

XXX Olympiad

I spent the last week or so watching a bunch of Olympics coverage. Not much during primetime but live. Watching Usain Bolt & the Jamaicans win the 100m, 200m and 4 x 400m live were my personal highlights.

Mars Science Laboratory’s Curiosity Landing

All we were able to witness were the reactions of the experts over at command center but their elation was more than enough realize what feat this was for mankind. Landing the car-sized was immensely complex but it was successful. In fact, the Mars Curiosity has already produced some amazing high resolution color photos.

I can’t wait to see what else the rover sends back.

Not So Amazing

Not so amazing this week were my brushes with customer service representatives. They’re quick to serve and sell you things but slow to react when it comes to post-sale customer support.

I was hoping to wrap up any customer support related affairs during my week off but none of it panned out. Furniture stores and home builders are such clods.

With Nier done, I’ve gone back to Uncharted 3 to wrap up some trophies. I should have a Nier review by Wednesday but it’s a weird game to review because it’s all over the place.

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