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Checkpoint: No Power Edition

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Is it a string of bad luck or are we just on the flakiest of grids around here? That’s two power outages this summer. I admit there’s quite a bit of thunder and lightning out there but I’ve witnessed my share of storms at the old place and we never had any issues with power outages due to storms.

So what does one do during a power outage? Wait it out with the iPad, of course. Or just spend some time writing up this week’s post.

I’ve taken the plunge and purchased another refurbished Linksys/Cisco E4200 to run Tomato with. I’m also considering forming a Wireless Distribution System with the other E4200. I’ll be sure to post my impressions of that.

Oh look, the power is back and guess what’s on TV? The World’s Strongest Man 2011.

That’s a good way to end a Sunday afternoon.

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