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Checkpoint: Ground Zeroes Edition


If you haven’t checked out the latest hotness from Hideo Kojima & KojiPro, do so. It’s pretty good.

The demonstration is running on a PC but it is said to be running on a PC that’s similar to the PlayStation 3. I find that hard to believe the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions will look this good. If it’s debuting next year, I hope there’s a PC release.

I don’t believe we’ll be playing Ground Zeroes any time soon. That’s just how things are with Kojima. He shows us hot footage, we get to see more as the trade shows come and by the time we realize it: it’s been nearly 2 years.

I hope I’m wrong about the release date and I’m also hoping that they Kojima and gang pull off this open world Metal Gear Solid vision that they’re pitching.

I installed the final version of Windows 8 which will hopefully enable me to resume my time with Tanner and his adventures in Driver: San Francisco.

I’ll be wrapping up my adventures with WDS tomorrow or Tuesday. I think we finally got it working.

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