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Checkpoint: Not Ready For Football Edition


It’s the first Sunday of the 2012 NFL season and I wasn’t quite ready for it. Work got in the way and I decided to go ottoman shopping instead. I bought a white one.

I spent the weekend updating my home server; getting the WSUS Windows 8 compatible and updating DLNA software. All that time spent with the server emphasized the need for me to upgrade this server. It may work with 2GB of RAM but it’s awfully sluggish. Or maybe I could get away with a simple solid state drive install? It is the more affordable option.

WDS talk incoming. Yes, I thought last week’s update was the last time I was going to talk about this thing but some minor hiccups forced my hand. I’ll detail the changes tomorrow but they’re mostly minor.

As for my current game, it involves Kratos and me replaying his first PlayStation Portable adventure: God of War: Chains of Olympus via the God of War: Origins Collection. Oh, and Battlefield 3 multiplayer along with Ascension and a new iOS game called: Super Hexagon.

It’s a pretty rad game.

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