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Checkpoint: BLLSL3 Edition


I’m currently watching the third hour of the third annual Big Live Live Show: Live! and some football. Both have been pretty good show thus far.

In other news, I’m getting an iPhone. Not an iPhone 5 but an iPhone 4S from my brother. I’ll be using it with my Rogers’ Pay As You Go SIM card which will last me for awhile. I may even stick with a Pay As You Go plan if my average monthly expenditures is low.

In related wireless news, I’ve been trying to figure out the Wireless Ethernet Bridge business and the ways I can boost its performance. I wish I could say I found I breakthrough but unfortunately not.

Not much gaming this week. A bit of Battlefield 3, a bit of Super Hexagon, a fair chunk of God of War: Chains of Olympus (PS3) and that’s about it.

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