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Random Wi-Fi Notes

wi-fi-logoHere are some random wireless tips and tricks that I discovered/learned. I picked these up while trying to tweak and improve my own Wireless Ethernet Bridge’s performance on my E4200 router running Tomato firmware.

  1. ‘Singapore’ region unlocks channels 1 – 13 plus raises the transmit power limit of the wireless transmitters.
  2. ‘Japan’ region enables channel 14 but it actually does cap transmission speed to 802.11b speeds (11 Mbps)
  3. Some wireless clients like the iPhone 4S support channel 13 without region changes while others like the PlayStation 3 will not pick it up at all.
  4. Higher transmit power does not always offer better range or performance.
  5. 802.11n speeds require at least WPA2 Personal + AES

That’s all for now.

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