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Checkpoint: Turkey Day 2012 Edition


It’s Turkey Day and there’s a turkey in the oven. We didn’t plan on it; it sorta just happened.

Extra long weekend isn’t yielding extra play time. It did yield some additional movie time which enabled me to knock off a viewing of Training Day and a rewatch of Total Recall (1990). I enjoyed both.

But you know what I’m not enjoying? This flaky Wireless Ethernet Bridge setup that I have going. The router serving as the bridge stops accepting wireless clients after awhile. The bridge on the 2.4 GHz network still works but the 5 GHz network stops for no reason. And on top of that, the router’s website becomes inaccessible too.

What’s the answer? Another attempt at the WDS but this time it’s just a WDS and not WDS+AP. I’m hoping the ASUS RT-N66U that I purchased works with the Linksys E4200.

Enjoy the grub, folks.

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