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Checkpoint: Watching 24 Hours of Halo Edition


I didn’t watch all of GiantBomb’s Drew & Alexis Halo 24 hour marathon but I did check in regularly. At the time of writing, they’ve raised over $16,000. Very impressive work by everyone involved! The charity they raised money for was Extra Life.

I have never played a game for more than four or five hours straight, so I can’t imagine how  I would fare in a 24 hour marathon. I don’t even know what I would play for that long of a stretch. The Uncharted trilogy? A bunch of Call of Duty campaigns? One long session of Civilization V?

I’m almost finished configuring my new home server. The only significant omission is some kind of web access interface.

I’m still playing Final Fantasy XIII-2. I think I’m 75% complete. Up next? No idea. Hopefully a game from the last month or so. Maybe XCOM will go on sale!

One can hope.

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