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Checkpoint: Octoberkast 2012 Edition


I spent most Saturday watching Tested.com’s Octoberkast 2012. I didn’t stay up for 24 hours straight but I did manage to watch most of it live. It was an entertaining show and they raised quite a bit of money for Child’s Play. The archive will be up by Monday and they will be keeping the donations opened until November 16.

I was trying to play Final Fantasy XIII-2 and watch the podcast at the same time. The results were pretty poor to say the least. I was far too distracted to solve the relatively simple “puzzles” in the last levels and my patience for the cutscenes was pretty thin. I did eventually reload and watched all the cheesy nonsense again. So all I have left to do is beat the final boss which requires me to grind some more levels before I can do so.

I hate that. And you can be damn sure that I’m putting that as a point of criticism in my review.

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