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Checkpoint: Break in the Action 2012 Edition


I’m I between games at the moment. I wrapped up Final Fantasy XIII-2 and thoroughly enjoyed Journey (review of that in a few days). And now I have a lull to fill. Since I took advantage of a Call of Duty: Black Ops II promo, I decided to mop up the remaining BLOPS trophies and replay the campaign. I doubt there are any substantial links back to this game, but it is worth replaying because it’s just a COD campaign. It is still a fun romp despite Mason’s awkward voice acting.

The setting still piques my interest and they do a good job with the pacing so that it isn’t just non-stop action. Most importantly, though: they do a fantastic job framing each mission. That is the key differentiator between Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 for me — I’ve bought into the numbers and Cold War sleeper agent set up.

Why lies beyond this lull? Halo 4 lands on Tuesday. I’m looking forward to it. The first non-Bungie Halo game seems competent¬†under the direction of 343. I’m specifically interested with how the new game engine pans out.

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