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Checkpoint: Wii U Launch Day Edition


The Nintendo Wii U’s launch is today. I didn’t get one and don’t plan to get one until much later. I actually only know of one person who is getting one but I don’t think he knows why he is.

I am interested in the console which is why I’m watching GiantBomb’s live stream of it. It kinda makes me wish I did get one so I can be part of the zeitgeist. It’s a pretty ridiculous launch so far filled with long running day one system updates, day one patches for nearly all games and $0.25 charges for registering minors on Nintendo Network.

Some quick impressions of what I’ve seen thus far:

  • I’m pleasantly surprised by how well the game sharing works on the Wii U version of Black Ops II.
  • I’m glad to see that there’s a fair bit of meat inside Nintendo Land despite it being a mini-game collection
  • Good to see that Nintendo’s menu interface is still a pleasant experience (I meant that to be both sarcastic and serious in tone)

All this Nintendo Wii U coverage is making me want a Nintendo 3DS XL believe it or not. I ordered one after EB Games put one up with New Super Mario Bros. 2 for just $169.99.

I’m still playing Halo 4’s multiplayer. I started Black Ops II’s multiplayer but I don’t know how far much more of that I care to play. I am looking forward to playing Black Ops II’s campaign though. I even finished my Trophy run of the original Black Ops, just so I can brush up on that oh so important overarching narrative.

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