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Checkpoint: We’re Already in December Edition


It’s December 2 already. It doesn’t feel like it though. I still feel like we’re right in the middle of November. I’m feeling that not because of this coming Tuesday’s release of Far Cry 3 though. I’m still playing catch up with this year’s earlier releases.

I just wrapped Call of Duty: Black Ops II’s campaign and I’ve invested more time with the multiplayer. My favorite playlist, Ground War, is now working fine which automatically enables me to enjoy the game more. I’ve also been enjoying this Black Ops II’s Gun Game which I feel is more entertaining thanks to the map selection in that playlist.

I’ve started Sleeping Dogs on PC and I was shocked to discover how well it runs with on my PC. I haven’t progressed too far yet but I’m currently running it at 1080p resolution and managing close to a consistent 60 FPS. There were some 2 – 5 FPS dips during cutscenes and in a few instances of gameplay but nothing too dramatic.

I also took the opportunity to play around with the latest version of the Steam “Big Picture Mode”. I was impressed with how much of the Steam experience was intact with a controller. From what I saw, the DLC menu is the only remaining menu that required a “cursor” like navigation. It could be the entire store purchasing experience that requires work but I haven’t purchased anything through that mode. I doubt I ever will too.

So how about that Far Cry 3? I hear it’s pretty good. I also hear it only really shines on the PC which means my Xbox 360 copy is going back to FutureShop as soon as it arrives.


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