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Checkpoint: Games Across All Platforms Edition


Did you know I owned a PlayStation Vita? I haven’t spoken much about it but I promise to write some impressions later. All I’ve been playing on the Sony handheld is Wipeout 2048. And technically I’m not even playing my own save because the damn device cannot juggle multiple profiles. Game developers could allow multiple saves but I doubt that will be common practice.

I grabbed a copy of Rayman: Jungle Run for $0.99 and promptly finished it. It’s easily my favorite of those platformers for iOS. Shamefully, I have yet to even start Rayman: Origins.

Continuing on the portable gaming front, I started Professor Layton & the Last Specter. I’m confused by the game’s placement in the Professor Layton timeline. I learned that it’s technically the beginning of a brand new “season”. Does that mean reboot? I wouldn’t mind if each new season was treated as an opportunity to start somewhat fresh.

On the console side of things, I still have my copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops II in my PlayStation 3 and continue to play the multiplayer on a regular basis. As for Halo 4? My time with Xbox Live! Gold is drawing to a close and I don’t plan on renewing it free months or the like. I’m going to wait for this season’s worth of Spartan Ops to wrap up and then dive back in to check that all out.

Lastly, there’s Sleeping Dogs which I’m enjoying more and more. Not only is it fun but the themes and messages that are being shared resonates with me like no other game. I’ve heard many of these things from family members but it’s weird to hear it coming through a game. I hope it continues to be great.

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