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Checkpoint: A Sudden Surge of Games Edition


When Boxing Day “festivities” started, I had only purchased Plants vs Zombies HD for my iPad. As Boxing Day officially faded away, more and more games were added to my purchased list including:

  • Hotline: Miami
  • The Walking Dead (PC)
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PC)
  • Forza Horizons: Limited Edition

None of those PC titles were from Steam because Amazon.com and GreenManGaming simply offered superior sales. For me, the quality of Steam sales are mirroring that of BestBuy/FutureShop’s; they’re no longer aggressive because they know people will spend money with them regardless. Thank goodness for competition.

I’ve been playing an episode of The Walking Dead per day and I’ve been enjoying every morsel of it. It’s just a shame that I needed to delve into downloading DLLs in order to get it working. However, I would love to install a DLL in order go get a game like Hotline: Miami working without crashing.

Those two games join Driver: San Francisco as the three games I’ve had issues with running under Windows 8. Who to blame? In my opinion? Not Microsoft.

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