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Unreal Engine 3 – The Beginning

This is a celebration of an engine that helped bring us some of the seventh generation’s best games. It’s also a retrospective and hopefully a roadmap to what the next generation has in store.

Before I begin, I will point out that this is not a technical retrospective. The engines’s evolution and development over the years will be primarily told through the images and videos of the games that used it.

The Beginning

It began in 2004 with a press release and this:

And it eventually grew to become one of the most prolific and versatile game engines seen to date. It helped usher in the seventh generation of consoles and with efforts like the Samaritan demo, it looks like it could have a reach well into the eighth generation.

It started life on a PC powered by NVIDIA’s most powerful GPUs in 2004 and made its way into everything from Adobe Flash to the Xbox 360. It’s also now jammed packed with features and capabilities that were only pipe dreams in 2004.

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