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Checkpoint: Extra Long Weekend Edition


It’s been awhile since I had some time off. I took an extra day (May 21st) so I could just do nothing.

I wish I had a weekend project to work on but the one thing I want to work on (new home server) isn’t possible at the moment. So what will I do? I already spent a day at a wedding and I suspect one of these days will be spent charring meats.

The game(s) of the weekend will probably be God of War: Ascension and Mechwarrior: Online sprinkled with some Luigi’s Mansion 2.

I guess I’ll continue working on my Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon review and perhaps that Unreal Engine 3 feature.

You know what? It may also just be filled with Star Trek: TNG episodes. The important thing is I’m earning money and not working.

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