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Checkpoint: Post E3 2013 Edition


E3 2013 is now over. Pre-orders were made, money was spent and discussions were had. It was only a few days ago but at the same time it feels like several weeks have gone by.

I pre-ordered my PlayStation 4 at Amazon.ca and paid only a small fraction of the price out of pocket. My brother traded in his PlayStation 3 160GB Slim, a couple of controllers and a few games and paid less than $200 out of pocket. With games pre-ordered via FutureShop and consoles coming, we’re ready for the next generation.

In the meantime, let’s review some of my predictions from last week.

  1. Price drop for the Wii U – It didn’t happen but at least they have compelling software lined up for it.
  2. PlayStation 4 Pricing  – I thought they were going to announce multiple SKUs but there was only one and it was $399.
  3. Xbox One Pricing  – Again, I foresaw a dual SKU approach and again I was wrong. There was only one SKU and it was on the higher end of my prediction.
  4. PlayStation Network Services  – I was wrong about the multiplayer remaining free as well.
  5. Xbox Live! Services – I was right but this was a weak prediction.

1/5. What a terrible record. It’s a good thing I don’t do this for a living.

I started to scope out my Haswell PC and if all goes well, it cost me $855 at the very least. That excludes any storage or video card. I shall dedicate a post about the potential buy tomorrow.

I’m still playing Fire Emblem: Awakening and Persona 4: Arena. Both of them had rough and/or slow starts but they’ve picked up significantly. My copy of The Last of Us should arrive tomorrow. I may stop Persona 4: Arena for it.


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