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Re: Edge magazine #256

I read the articles and while articulate, it didn’t shed any new insights that I concluded or read on my own.

Microsoft has PR issues and I cannot wait to see how they’re going to change those perceptions. There are folks who haven’t even realized that they did a 180 on their DRM policy.

After reading the Edge pieces, I wonder if some of their points even matter to the crowd who only cares about Call of Duty and Madden. There are those out there who don’t give a damn about Indies and just want the next explosive blockbuster. If Microsoft can clear the misconceptions about their used game policy, will that be enough to attract that crowd?

Forum goers will champion Indies and forum goers will gravitate towards platforms that allow them to flourish but if we look at the PS Vita, Indies alone do not sell a platform. TitanFall? It can. And I would not be surprised if Microsoft shines the limelight on Respawns title even more intensely now.

I’ve already made my choice and I know many others share the same view as Edge but I also know that there are those who are not price sensitive and just want to have a good time shootin’ dudes during an NFL halftime show. And to them, the Xbox One will serve that purpose just fine.

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