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Checkpoint: Another Long Weekend Edition


The half way mark of the 2013 Summer season is here. (I use the long weekends as markers)

My work with my home server took a bit of a turn. I intended to use System Center 2012’s Data Protection Manager but that damn piece of software required that I dedicate an entire disk to it which is not feasible since I had used up all the drives for the FlexRAID. Now I’m left pondering what to do with my Windows 8 clients. Maybe I’ll give File History an honest look now.

As for my “summer game”, I guess you could consider Animal Crossing: New Leaf that game. It continues to be a relaxing time and just the thing I can use to whittle away the summer hours.

I’m steadily closing in on the end of The Last of Us. It’s amazing how Naughty Dog managed to maintain a consistent bar of quality throughout the game thus far. My approach to the game evolved from survival horror to stealth and now one that was reminiscent of John McClane or John Rambo.

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