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Checkpoint: End of TNG Edition


Parts one and two of “All Good Things” is playing as I am writing this. After many 160+ days (I watched two episodes on some occasions), the final episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation has arrived. It was quite the journey.

I’m not going to list my favorite episodes today but instead I will look back at the series as a whole and how much I loved watching and re-watching it.

There are many reasons to doubt TNG’s ability to hold up but through the standard definition lens of Netflix, practical effects and stories — well as practical as they can get.

The final season had its ups and downs but they did an admirable job wrapping up old storylines, visiting old friends and even improved the visuals and makeup of the crew. Overall, it was not the grandest send off for the series but it did finally modernize and define the look of Star Trek for me.

For me, Star Trek: The Next Generation will always be that glimpse into the future that I will never get to see. I may not get to see holodecks, androids or travel at the speed of light in my life time but we’ve already seen some of the futuristic tech that I first laid eyes 20 years ago become reality: tablets and touchscreens. What will another 20 years bring?

Well I hope to see a brand new Star Trek series hit primetime television in that time. I think we need it as a source of inspiration and a fresh take on what humanity’s future may hold.

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