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Checkpoint: NFL 2013-14 Edition


The NFL season technically started on Thursday but today is the true kick off for everyone who isn’t a Broncos or Ravens fan. This upcoming season should be an interesting one with so many changes across the league. So many coaches were jettisoned and many long time players have uprooted from their old teams and found new homes.

I have no predictions for the Super Bowl but I predict this to be one of the most entertaining seasons in recent memory.

During all the football fun, I’ll most likely be playing Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. I am not a big fan of it thus far. Any time I feel like I’m on a roll, the game throws a tutorial in my way. And even when I tell them I don’t want to get into a tutorial, they still go ahead and summarize what they were going to “teach me”.

I’m done with Plants vs Zombies 2. If there’s a fourth world, I’m not going to see it because grinding for keys is a chore. I played through 11 survival mode levels and not a single key dropped. This wouldn’t have been a problem if I found myself stuck on a few levels along the way but I guess I’m too good and blasted my way through the third world.

I finished Beyond Good & Evil HD and now understand why people adore that game so much. I too wish for a full fledged sequel. I shall have a review of that in a few days.

What’s next? Maybe more Battlefield 3 and some MechWarrior Online. I’m thinking about starting Dragon Age: Origins after going through The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC that I just purchased.

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