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Checkpoint: Q3 ’13 Gaming Expenses Edition


Three quarters into 2013 and my gaming expenditures were not as I expected.

  • Total spent thus far: $237.64
  • Total saved: $1,159.78

Humble Bundles, freebies and the drastic cut downs on new release purchases contributed to relatively little spent. There’s a spending storm coming in November but I do not expect my total expenses for 2013 to exceed $1000.

I wrapped up ICO. I prefer Shadow of the Colossus over it but it still has its charms. The issues I had with it were primarily due to the fact that it was a title from 2001. A proper remake would do this game justice.

The next logical choice on my backlog would be Shadow of the Colossus or an ICO trophy run but there’s a growing number of PC titles that I’m itching to play including the almighty Fez.

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