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Checkpoint: Netflix TV Q3 2013 Edition


I’ve watched a lot more TV over the past few months than I have through all of 2012. Thanks Netflix.

It started with House of Cards and followed with Star Trek: The Next Generation which I’ve already spoke about at length. I watched Twin Peaks in parallel and was impressed with how well it held up. I also took in a healthy dose of laughter courtesy of Arrested Development.

I mentioned all the above in a previous Checkpoint and decided to provide an update:


It’s difficult for me to get in on new animated shows. I cannot pin point a single reason why; it’s a combination of animation quality and the show’s premise. H. Jon Benjamin is both Bob’s Burgers and Archer but I am not fan of Bob’s Burgers primarily due to its premise.

Archer’s animation style took a bit of getting used but its premise sold me. The potential antics of a spy agency was too enticing to not give it a shot. I’m so glad I did because Archer is one fantastic show.

Season 5 cannot come soon enough.

Breaking Bad

It took me a while to get on board this meth cooking train. My delays were due to the simple fact that I just wasn’t interested in the premise. I didn’t believe in the premise then and even now, with only a handful of episodes remaining, I still cannot accept how quickly Walter White turned towards a life of meth cooking as a believable course of action.

Instead of fighting over semantics though, I accepted it and watched the show with the idea that this was like an animated series brought to life with real actors. With that in mind, I’ve been enjoying the show. I do wish I was surprised more often though.


I didn’t think I would find enjoyment in a crime drama set in Kentucky. As soon as I sat down and listened in on the dialog, I was hooked. The characters spoke with eloquence and southern pleasantries that I couldn’t resist.

And who could resist the cool demeanour of Timothy Olyphant? His character, Raylan Givens, delivers us the modern day interpretation of the American Cowboy. His methods are often against the rules but he doesn’t give a damn and it often gets results.

With characters changing allegiances, crooked sheriffs and contentious family relationships, I found it difficult to not stay interested in Justified.

I have Season 4 to watch.


I’ve only watched the first episode but I am already infatuated with the BBC’s interpretation of Sherlock Holmes. Slick presentation and the wonderful Benedict Cumberbatch made it easy to enjoy it.

I am most impressed with the BBC’s decision to allow each episode to breathe and occupy movie length runtimes. Why rush deductions and investigations?

I cannot wait to watch more

With all that TV, portable gaming is on the rise for me. I’ve been trying to finish Mario & Luigi: Dream Team so I can trade it in for Pokemon X. It’s tough to ignore a 1:1 trade.

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