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Checkpoint: Bumbling Through Windows Server Edition


Something is wrong with WSUS install and I just don’t know what. There are no obvious errors in the Event viewer. I’ve tried re-installing the WSUS role, IIS and the Windows Internal Database but no luck. Puzzles like this are huge time sinks and reminds me too much of work.

I even upgraded to Windows Server 2012 R2. It was as a successful in-place upgrade but it didn’t do a thing for WSUS.

So what was the problem then? Apparently, I suddenly wasn’t able to specify my FlexRAID drive as valid WSUSContent destination. I had to use the UNC path instead. Unfortunately, in an effort to address the problem, I blew away my FlexRAID install and ruined my NAS4Free Hyper-V VM in the process. Now I’m in the process of restoring everything.

What a boondoggle this all was.

I tried upgrading to Windows 8.1 on my desktop but apparently the MSDNAA copy I received from my brother isn’t eligible for the much touted update. It’s a weird exception that I hope Microsoft addresses.

I’m nearing the “regular ending” of Fez but I just haven’t found the time to finish it. Sherlock, Mad Men and this WSUS have taken over my evenings.

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