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Checkpoint: Mad Men Edition


The Netflix cover alone was reason enough for me to watch this period drama — it evokes and epitomizes style for me. Series like Band of Brothers and the Pacific fascinate me because they tell non-fiction stories with a touch of fiction. I’ve only watched the first season of Mad Men but I’ve taken away a small piece of the 1960s after each episode.

There was so much smoking, drinking, racism and sexism back then. The workplace of 50 years ago was dramatically different compared to today’s, however, strong and despicable characters alike still play today.

I can still relate to the troubles of yesteryear and I admire those who persevere through it. I had no idea how inappropriate men behaved around women and minorities. And I’m sure what is shown on this show pales in comparison to reality. It is amazing how far we’ve come.

I can see why people find this a slow show; nothing astonishing actually happens from episode to episode. I find it has an even pace that I appreciate; there are no peaks or valleys and they do not leave each episode with a cliffhanger. I leave each episode wanting to know more about the 1960s and the people of the era and not necessarily who Donald Draper will sleep with next.

I reached the end of Fez the other day. I didn’t solve all of the game’s puzzles but I’ve had my fill and took what I want from it. I small review of it will go up later this week.

I started Beyond: Two Souls and I’m enjoying what I’ve played thus far. Strong performances from the motion captured actors made it easier to get into. I miss the multiple characters from Heavy Rain but I am enjoying the clever integration of player into the story this time around.

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