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Checkpoint: Revisiting Rapture Edition


BioShock: Infinite’s second piece of downloadable content, Burial at Sea, is wonderful. Revisiting old locales in games is a risky move. It could be seen as a retread, sacrilege and  — if done properly — a nostalgic trip that adds to the original.

Burial at Sea is definitely the latter. The glimpse into Rapture before it all went to hell is welcome. It feels like a piece of downloadable content that should have been released after BioShock but jumping off one of the many possibilities made possible by the ending of Infinite blended the two Irrational BioShock titles in a fun manner.

I’m meeting familiar faces and hearing the slogans and sounds of Rapture. It feels the same but at the same time, everything is shinier and improved compared to the original. It makes me wish they remade BioShock with the mechanics of Infinite.

I’ve owned a PlayStation 4 for nearly 7 days but I feel like I’ve only spent 7 hours with it. Mad Men, NFL and other things in life have gotten away of it. I was also very close to diverting time away from it by nearly purchasing a Wii U today. Here’s hoping I have more time this week.


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