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Checkpoint: Wildcard Weekend 2013 Edition


It’s NFL playoffs time and what a weekend it was thus far. Saturday’s games at Indianapolis and Philadelphia were thrillers and this San Diego @ Cincinnati game looks to be a close one as well. I’m looking forward to the “Ice Bowl” in Green Bay. Playing an all important playoff game in the elements is what I love most about football. Only life threatening thunderstorms will cease play.

Although I participate in the Yahoo! Pro Pick ’em pool at work, I’m somewhat glad that it stops at the end of the regular season. It allows me to enjoy the games and not worry about spread coverages. I didn’t even go into this wildcard weekend with any picks in mind; I was ready to be entertained and so far the NFL delivered.

I’ve called it quits on Super Mario 3D World. I finished everything except two levels in the final world. I could go in and spend more time tackling those final challenges but I feel that I’ve reached my limit for now. A review should posted tomorrow. (Hint: It’s favorable.)

I’ve started Guacamelee and I’m enjoying this indie Mexican flavored Metroidvania title. I’m enjoying for the gameplay, the art and the music but the writing and humor often falls flat for me.

Inbetween bouts against the undead, it’s been quite a bit of Battlefield 4. It’s playable now and I look forward to the wave after wave of patches that will bring this game from playable to fantastic.

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