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Battlefield 4 PS4 MP Report #2

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I’ve all but sold this game. We’re a few days away from April and the game’s network performance is still atrocious. We’re nearing the five month mark here!

It’s unacceptable.

After a frustrating month of hoping during the “Player Appreciation“, I decided to call it quits and wait for the network lag issues to be addressed. Several patches and two pieces of downloadable content came by and the game is still marred with issues.

What happened to not working on content until the game is fixed? Nothing but lies and silence coming from DICE and EA. I don’t believe they even fixed the campaign save corruption issues for the PlayStation 4 yet.

At this point, if a trade in deal appears, I’m going to send this game packing. I enjoyed it when it worked but when you’re this far out and the main draw of the game is still broken, then you’re not worth keeping.

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