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Checkpoint: Inside iPhone Edition

Checkpoint - Inside iPhone Edition

iFixit is an amazing resource and through its handy manuals, I repaired my first iPhone this past weekend. I replaced the dock connector and battery in an iPhone 4S.

It should have been a straight forward process but since it was my iPhone 4S, I took extra care disconnecting and prying open every part. It was a fascinating process and I enjoyed the challenge.

I recognized many of the connectors and parts from the laptops, consoles and handhelds that I’ve disassembled over the years. I was impressed by how small and well integrated everything was but at the same time, I was also a little disappointed that there wasn’t some kind of nano sized connectors of some kind.

My next disassembly may be an iPad 2 which I appears to be very unique with the whole melting of the glue requirement.

I’ve been trying to wrap up inFamous: Second Son. I don’t have much to say about it except that the Neon powers are the most entertaining power up. I tried to get in on some Battlefield 4 with the PS4 GAF crew but with custom servers and all those DLC maps, I haven’t been able to stick with them for long.

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