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Checkpoint: OSX Yosemite Edition

Checkpoint - OS X Yosemite Edition

The future of iOS OS X is here.

My first impressions are mostly positive. I am not offended by the facelift and iOS 7 aesthetic. I’m big fan of the new Safari and Spotlight revisions. I’m less enthused about the small performance downgrade in animations which I’m hoping will be ironed out with the final release.

So far, I haven’t encountered any crippling bugs but my brother wasn’t as lucky. After installing the Yosemite beta, his Apple applications including Safari couldn’t connect to the internet — Google Chrome was fine. He had to restart the mDNSResponder in order to get  everything back on track.

I can’t try the star attraction of the show, Continuity, because I don’t have access the iOS 8 beta.

I got my hands on a handful of Wii U titles over the past week

  • Game & Watch was acquired as my Club Nintendo 2014 Platinum reward.
  • I bought Mario Kart 8 for $54.99 ($10 off)
  • Pikmin 3 was acquired as the freebie.

Game & Watch isn’t terrible for the price of free. There are several entertaining mini games in this collection. I wish it was possible to create a custom playlist to filter out the less than stellar mini games/tech demos.

Mario Kart 8 is a very pretty game but I have to learn how to tilt fortunes to my side. I end up ahead of the pack but somehow manage to get knocked out of the podium on the final lap in every race I play.

I have yet to try Pikmin 3. In fact, I have to try Wind Waker HD as well. I have so many Wii U games and I somehow end up playing demos and betas instead.

I need to fix that.



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