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Checkpoint: Back to Square One Edition

Checkpoint - Back to Square One Edition

I try not to get into my personal life on this site. Past experiences have taught me to keep that kind of drivel to myself. Nobody really wants to read about it and if they do, they’ll just come out and ask me. So I’ll try to keep this brief.

I’m single again and while it caused a bit of heartache I’ve found solace in my hobby and know life will move on. My time on this Earth has taught me that time heals all wounds and I’ll get over this little slump in due time.

I have the next week off and while that may seem like a recipe for self loathing or decadence, I am making the most of it to stay the course and work on projects around the house and catch up with some games, movies and shows that I’ve been neglecting. I was going to use this time as time for myself already but now I might be spending the foreseeable future doing just that.

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time with the Wii U. At first it was an effort to discover party or “girlfriend” friendly games; I chose Game & Wario as my Club Nintendo title for that sole purpose. I’ll continue down that path just to familiarize myself with Nintendo’s library but at the same time, I am finding enjoyment in titles like Game & Wario and Mario Kart 8. I even want to grab Mario Party 10 on the cheap just so I can play it with family and friends.

I wrapped up Peace Walker and found it disappointing. I don’t know what my next game will be. I might just stay rotating through Wii U titles until I’m inspired to start something more involved.

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