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Untitled Thursday Feature

Vizio 2.1 S4221w-C4Vizio Logo

I’ve always wanted to move away from the TV speakers in my family room TV. They’re just awful. I was considering a traditional 2.1 setup because soundbars were always dismissed for being inadequate. In 2013, The Wirecutter released their excellent soundbar recommendation article and since then I was on the look out for the Sony HT-CT260. In Canada, it was priced at $349 and would occassionally make its way down to $299 but I was waiting for the historic low of $249.

2014 rolled in and The Wirecutter updated their article to include the Vizio S4221w-C4 which I wasn’t able to acquire at an affordable price in Canada. But then September arrived and Vizio finally made its Canadian debut. They brought their HDTVs and sound bars across the border and at that point, I was on the lookout for a sale of some kind.

On September 25th, my long wait for a soundbar ended with the Vizio S4221w-C4 went on sale for $199 ($90 off) at BestBuy and FutureShop. I bought it and installed it last night.

It’s wonderful. I was surprised by this soundbar’s ability to fill the family room. I was finally hearing some resemblance of rich and full sound in that room for only $200 plus tax.

I lucked out with placement though. I didn’t take the height or length of the soundbar into consideration. There was no way to place the soundbar directly below my TVs because all my TVs have low built-in stands. Thankfully I was able place the soundbar on the top level of my TV stand; it was like it was built for it.

IOGear Wireless 3D Digital Kit

I was introduced to IOGear Wireless 3D Digital Kit earlier this week. It looks like a cheap alternative to buying additional cable set top boxes and — if their claim of 1ms input lag is to be believed — a viable alternative to remote play. I would have pulled the trigger on this but I really don’t need another set top box or remote play capabilities. I’m also a bit skeptical of its performance which is why I’m letting a buddy of mine take it for a test run first.

I don’t think I mentioned this anywhere yet but the Smash Bros’ 3DS demo was surprisingly rad. The performance isn’t a locked 60FPS but it’s playable.

Things that only matter to me

Random Thought of the Week

It’s DERBY not DARBY, British Football commentators.

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