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Checkpoint: Thanksgiving 2014 Edition

Checkpoint - Thanksgiving 2014 Edition

Thanksgiving long weekends used to be filled with video games when I was younger. I used to play video games all day and only take breaks for meals. It was great.

I haven’t done anything like that until this weekend. I would play games for an hour or two per day but it was never an all day event. This weekend was filled with Wasteland 2, FIFA 15 and Diablo III. I’m enjoying my time across all of them and I can say they could all be in my top 10 of 2014.

Wasteland 2 became much more manageable after spending an hour or so doing side quests and rummaging through old areas for scrap and ammo. Now I’m overflowing with resources.

I wrapped up my first season in career mode in FIFA 15. It was amusing but I wish there was more fanfare for winning the league title. They also could have played up the fact that I could have won the title in the last game of the season. I also partook in my first online ranked match which resulted in a victory but also gave me a glimpse into the world  of cheesing and lag.

I’m exploring the Diablo III rift system and the challenges that await there. I’m also experimenting with different builds based on the equipment I stumble across. I’m planning on creating a hardcore character for that trophy. It should be a very interesting journey.

It’s Sunday and I as much as I want to, I think today will be filled with things other than video games. Food and football will likely be on today’s menu.

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