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Checkpoint: Broken DS4 Edition

Checkpoint - Broken DS4 Edition

The complaints against the Dual Shock 4’s thumb sticks began around the PlayStation 4’s launch day and I chalked it up to bad luck and early design and manufacturing oversights. I wasn’t denying the potential problem but I wasn’t too worried about it either.

Unfortunately, my Dual Shock 4 has succumbed to the same thumb stick splitting issues.

I contacted Sony via their online chat and opened up a case within 15 minutes. They’re going to send me a coffin to ship back this Dual Shock 4. I’m hoping the replacement they’re sending me are a bit more resilient. I read the new white Dual Shock 4 controllers feature tougher rubber sticks but they’re also more slippery.

The Dual Shock 4 makes a wonderful first impression. I loved the grip of the thumb sticks but they simply don’t last. Even before the splitting of the thumb stick covers, other issues were cropping up. I’ve been playing FIFA and Diablo III over the past couple of months. They’re left stick heavy games which you can surmise by the photo above.

I started to notice my left thumb slipping as the cover deteriorated. What I initially adored became a liability. I was tempted to replace the thumb sticks with the Xbox One’s which are made out of hard plastic with grip textures. I decided to contact Sony first but if the replacement fails me, I’ll take matters into my own hands.

If I do go down the path of opening up my controllers, I might even replace the controller with a larger 2000 mAH battery. The lowly 1000 mAH is enough for my play session but just enough for one. If I don’t charge it afterwards, my next session will likely be cut short.

My brother’s launch controller also has issues. His controller’s left stick is exhibiting the stuttering and drifting issues. As soon as he can locate his receipt, we’ll contact Sony for his controller’s issues.

Needless to say, these early Dual Shock 4 controllers have a few build quality issues.

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