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SteamWorld Dig PS4 Review

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I first witnessed SteamWorld Dig in action in one of GiantBomb’s 2013 Quick Looks. It debuted for the Nintendo 3DS and I thought it was a good fit for the platform. I just wasn’t going to pay full price for it and decided to wait.

In 2014, it debuted on the PC, so I waited for a sale on that platform. Then out of the blue, I received word that it was coming to PlayStation 4 via PlayStation Plus. I couldn’t say no to the price of free and when I was looking to cleanse my gaming palette, I decided to finally take the plunge.

The gameplay loop for SteamWorld Dig was simple. Descend down the mine, use my pick axe to break ground and create path ways to get even deeper. Along the way, the protagonist, Rusty, and I unearthed precious stones and metals to sell. Eventually, the bag fills up and I had to ascend back to the surface to trade in my salvage.

On the surface, the townsfolk sold upgrades to my equipment which made it easier to break tougher material within the mines. Throughout the course of the journey, I uncovered upgrades and new abilities not unlike a Metroid game.

And so the cycle continued. The deeper I went, the more treasures I discovered. The end goal was the whereabouts of the Rusty’s uncle. The end goal was anti-climatic. It was a boss encounter but one that didn’t scream “final” boss at all.

But I had my fill. I spent just over 5 hours digging, mining and upgrading Rusty to his full potential. It served its purpose as a palette cleanser and I think it was perfect for PlayStation Plus. It’s not an earth shattering experience; just something to tinker with if you’re bored.


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