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Checkpoint: Street Fighter V Edition

Checkpoint - Street Fighter V Edition

It was leaked just before the PlayStation Experience event last week. We were given a brief glimpse of what the next numbered Street Fighter was going to look like and at first blush, it bares a resemblance to to Street Fighter V.

I expected a significant change in art style; every numbered Street Fighter title featured something different in the past. But upon closer inspection and a deeper look, I’m okay with the evolutionary change.

I’m glad to see the multi-stage idea from X-men vs Street Fighter make a return, it gives the match a small storyline.

I recall the initial reveal of Street Fighter IV; it looked a bit weird at first but the look was refined over the course of development. I’m hoping Street Fighter V’s art style is further differentiated as development progresses.

Looks aside, the news that Street Fighter V will be a PlayStation 4 and PC exclusive was a genuine shock. Street Fighter V will never see the light of day on an Xbox One but what about Super Street Fighter V?

Microsoft helped Rise of the Tomb Raider see the light of day and apparently Sony’s Third Party division ensured Street Fighter V was possible. If their respective situations were like that of Bayonetta 2 then I’m happy both franchises are receiving help and resources for future instalments. I just find it difficult to believe that both Tomb Raider and Street Fighter actually needed help to make their sequels a reality. It must have been nice to be offered help but to actually need it?

Thankfully, I have all three consoles.

I’m making my way through Grand Theft Auto V and there’s nothing more to say aside that  I’m continually impressed by what Rockstar crafted.

I just wrapped up Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and will have a review of it on Wednesday. I wish it was better.

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