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Checkpoint: Week 17 Edition

Can you believe it? It’s already week 17 of the 2014-15 NFL season. This Sunday afternoon, I’m watching Philip Rivers get sacked repeatedly by the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs snuffed out the Chargers’ playoff hopes. Is it surprising? Not really. Am I going to lose sleep over it? Of course not but I am wondering where the season went.

It’s true that I’ve been paying more attention to the Premier League, La Liga and Champions League this year but it’s not like I’ve been ignoring NFL games. I’ve taken one or two weeks “off” where I’m not paying as close attention to the games but I’m always following up with storylines through headlines and Sports Illustrated MMQB features. I guess time just flies in the NFL.

I started Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies on my iPad and I’m so glad I decided to buy it on iOS because the art just shines on my iPad 3’s screen. It makes me wish for Level 5’s work to make its appearance on iOS as well.

I’m nearing the end of Grand Theft Auto V. I’m not rushing through it but I am just about ready for it to wrap up because I’d like to move onto other titles such as Shadows of Mordor and Transistor.

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