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Checkpoint: Year 2015 Edition

2015. It’s just like any other year except now I have more things to watch around the New Year festivities including Premier League and La Liga soccer. NBA has fallen off the wayside for me. I used to watch the Christmas Day matches and some of the New Year ones but now it may just be late playoff rounds.

This weekend is all about La Liga soccer and NFL wildcard playoff which have been entertaining despite the predictable outcomes. For Sunday’s match ups, I predict a Bengals victory and a Dallas victory but I won’t be disappointed if I’m completely wrong.

Over the break, I started watching the excellent Cowboy Bebop. I tried to watch this a couple of times in high school but it never clicked enough to pursue to the end. It’s not a long series (only 26 episodes) but I never finished it. I liked the style and the tone but I guess I wasn’t patient enough to appreciate this more nuanced series at the time. I was more interested in the likes of Dragon Ball Z at the time.

I am loving each and every episode with its range of comedy, action, cuteness and a touch of sexy. I’m tempted to burn through every episode but I’m forcing myself to watch two at time tops. The Blu-ray re-release has been surprisingly good. I wasn’t expecting it to be this clean. I’m watching it with the excellent English dub but I appreciate the fact that it has Japanese dub with English subtitles as well. The most pleasant surprise though? The actual discs themselves which mimic old vinyl records with ridges on the top. It’s a nice touch.

I reached and watched the ridiculously long Grand Theft Auto V credits. I enjoyed the game despite issues with the controls in a number of spots. With that game done, I moved onto Transistor which I’m enjoying piecemeal. I understand why folks weren’t as enamored with it as they were with Bastion though. It plays nothing like it despite the similarities and it’s not for those who are not fans of turn-based RPG battle systems.

I’m also enjoying my time with Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies on the iPad. What a wonderful port.


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