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Checkpoint: Ice Bowl II Edition

It’s NFL Divisional Playoffs weekend which very well could be the best weekend in the NFL. My favored team, the New England Patriots, won their game with awesome trick plays including one that may be borderline cheap but legal. The Sunday night game wasn’t as thrilling but that’s a by product of two defensive powerhouses in Seattle and Carolina.

Today’s games should be great. At the time of writing, I’m watching Ice Bowl II. My money is on the Packers winning despite Aaron Rodgers’ calf issues. As for the late afternoon game in Denver? I am rooting for the Colts in the face of all that firepower and defence; Luck will find a way!

Shadow of Mordor will make the cut for my top 10 of 2014. I don’t know where it lands but it’s going to be on the list by virtue of it being the best Assassin’s Creed x Batman style game that I have ever played. I could do with less Lord of the Rings though.

I just finished case two in Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. I missed this brand of wackiness. It’s so weird and farfetched but it somehow works out in the end.

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